Need help getting started with SMT?

Are you looking to get started or need additional help with the Supervisor Mobility Tools? Fear not! Here under are a few quick links to all tutorials, guides and more regarding the SRM project.

SMT Certified Device


All applications within the Supervisor Role and Mobility Project are currently running on the open-source Android operating system


The Supervisor Mobility Tools are designed to work on tablets 8" (inches) or higher. This guarantees a high quality resolution display and optimal reading experience while using the tools.

Our Applications



The Supervisor Mobility Tool Hub is developed within the Supervisor Role and Mobility program, to help allow supervisors to work efficiently and effectively in the field 4 days a week.

It is established as a workflow tool that will guide Supervisors through their daily tasks. As such it serves as a dashboard for all other applications under the SMT umbrella.

Field Forms


KFF is a tool designed for tablets to be used for auditing. Main target audience are Maintenance Supervisors but also by Regional Managers, Service Managers to measure performance of their employees.

The tool provides electronic forms that can be used in a variety of cases and has extensive options for reporting of the results.

Konect Mobile


KKM is a mobile version of the Konect client found on KONE laptops.

This tool provides a selection of the full Konect functionalities, with the most frequently features like timesheet approval, dashboard with an overview of the service order status for the supervisor’s Planner Group, search for equipment or customer data, fitter scheduling,...

Weekly Planner Tool


WPT is a planner tool designed for Supervisors to plan their technicians jobs 2 weeks in advance.

With this tool they get an overview of where and what a technician is working on.

They can also re-plan Service Orders to different dates and technicians if they are overburdened and can not finish all the jobs.